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It all started with the broker behind the scenes, Samash Sandhu working in the personal loans industry and dealing with financially distressed Canadians whose biggest expense of the month was their mortgage trying to make ends meet. After helping countless families and individuals get their finances back in line, there was still that one big expense thatCanadians had a hard time managing, their mortgage.

The reality is that you don’t want a mortgage but you need a mortgage and most Canadians trust their banks to give them the best advice but we all forget, that banks don’t work for the client,they work for the banks. Well, Samash then decided to jump into the industry to better understand his client’s needs and assist them. In January of 2022, he began his mortgage career and in within 1 year won the Hot Start Award of helping more than Canadian families arrange more than $19 million in mortgages securing the lowest rates and personally tailored mortgage solutions.


This did not stop in 2023 and Samash has helped more than 200 families in less than 2 yearsand arranged over $29 million mortgages for his clients. We carry this mission forward to help countless more Canadian families and individuals to buy their dream homes weather its your first our the retirement home you have always wanted to get into. We are committed to offer only the best mortgage solutions for our clients and transparency in interest rates with our volume discounts and no-fee mortgages to build trust and relationships that our clients can rely on. We are proudly servicing Alberta and British Columbia to serve the whole country soon.

Over $39 million in mortgages arranged for Canadians in less than 2 years.

That is why we are one of the best upcoming mortgage brokers in Canada and have helped over 200 families and individuals get into their dream homes. This gives us the experience to negotiate the best mortgage rates and solutions for our clients. Don't believe us, read our client reviews and find out by yourself.

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low rates with personalized mortgage solutions

Industry experts to help you get low rates, personalized mortgage solutions. and a variety in mortgage options.

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Don’t settle for the high rates that big banks advertise with little to no service.
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Our Vission

We want to be the first choice for our clients when they think about mortgage financing. While we offer the lowest interest rates, to make your mortgage as inexpensive and stress-free we do not ignore the fact that many Canadians might not fall under the ‘A’ lender guidelines. We bring experience in B lending and private lend

Our Mission

As expert mortgage brokers, we have access to lenders that individuals and big banks do not. Other mortgage corporations who do, might not want to share them with you because they want to sell their own products to their clients but this might not be the best solution for you. These exclusive lenders can help you save thousands when getting a mortgage. Every individual and every family has unique financial situations and we are experts at finding the best lender fit. We make getting mortgages easy, stress-free and like saving our clients money. Our mission is to continue saving hard-earned dollars for our clients all over Canada.